Crumbs: A beautiful word for a beautiful concept.

I made these muffins that have like three times more fruit than batter and pretty much everyone would find them disgusting because they’re so sticky and gooey but I like them a lot. (^_^)

Awh Anne :c I want to hug you >.< you don't suck at everything, you are an amazing person and I wish I lived closer and we would be best friends and I had a bad day too but if you curled up in a ball and cried for all eternity I'd be even more sad because then id be deprived of your beautiful existence :c stay strong, sugar <3

I really am bad at a lot of things. =3 I’m sorry you had a bad day!! I always complain on my blog and then you write me the nicest things. Just know that if you ever need a place to vent, I’m here. *hugs*

I am so upset with myself. I’m bad at school and friends and life and I just want to curl up into a ball and cry for all eternity.